Leading Chemicals and Petrochemicals Solutions Provider


Our mission is to satisfy the needs of our suppliers with an approach to marketing, and our customers by proposing a reliable source of products and services that provide more value.

We are proud to bring a fully integrated service to our partners, which not only involves the purchase and sale of products, but also technical and market advice, as well as financing, logistics and storage.

They include:

  • Securing the sourcing  products
  • Marketing and distributing products throughout the world
  • Developing new export markets in the European area
  • Providing market analysis for key products
  • Keeping up to date and informing about EH&S regulations
  • Complying to new “REACH” European regulations
  • Proposing upgrade of crude streams

We make certain that we support our partnerships with knowledge of traded products, access to the world markets and efficiency in logistics.

Our shipments are in vessel tankers (full or partial), in trucks, or in containers (flexibags).  It is one of our main jobs to bring added value to our activity by having the logistics and financing covered in the most efficient and reliable manner.

We can get immediate response to your needs and smooth executions of your transaction wherever you are in the world.


Sourcing of raw material, chemical and petrochemical products.

Most raw materials are cyclical with variations in price and availability. Keeping up to date on product trends and market situations is time consuming and requires highly specialised personnel. Equilex provides you peace of mind by securing the sourcing of products you require for your manufacturing activities, in a transparent manner, enabling you to focus on your major activities.
  • We help you in sourcing chemical and petrochemical products with the best compromise between price and availability
  • We establish adequate local storage to avoid disruption in the product supply
  • We constantly look into new supply possibilities and the competitive environment
  • We set up sourcing and marketing plans to ensure the availability of your chemical in the future.

Market Analysis

Interested in knowing more about the potential of a specific market?

Equilex can be your source of expert and up-to-date information about most chemical and petrochemical markets:
  • Market size
  • Product ranges
  • Competition analysis
  • Market segments
  • Pricing policy
  • Business opportunities
  • Local distinctive features
Equilex can extend its market analysis offer to in depth analysis of a specific market using in a tailor-made approach best suited to your own requirements.

Marketing & distribution

Equilex ensures all services related to your supply of chemical and petrochemical products.

From negotiation with the producers to delivery to your company, including transaction financing:
  1.   Negotiation with producers: contract negotiation, arrangement of credit and payment options
  2.   Transactions financing: credit facilities
  3.  Sea and land transport organization
  4.  Storage in tanks or containers
  5. Settlement and clearing of transactions with customs and regulation authorities

New export markets

Do you want to distribute your products throughout Europe and are you looking for developing new export markets in the European area?

Have you already checked out our global distribution offer? Our key strengths can help you gain acess in the european market:
  • Identification of your requirements, especially regarding your pricing policy
  • Transparent relationship
  • Adaptation of our service to your needs
  • Inside knowledge of large companies organization and methodology
  • One single contact per product range
  • Qualified professional, who have an extensive knowledge of the distribution market of chemical products, and are ready to share information with you
  • Perennial sales representatives
  • Regular business reviews
  • Involvement in REACH regulation


Do you need a custom-made, first class logistics planning service?

We will provide you with specific answers to your requirements in the most cost effective way along the supply chain:
  • Organising sea and land transportation.
  • Chartering vessels
  • Coordinating all administrative work and service companies for:
    • Transportation
    • Loading
    • Storing
    • Forwarding
    • Custom clearance
Long term, stable relationship with our clients and suppliers is a testimony of our professionalism and reliability.