Leading Chemicals and Petrochemicals Solutions Provider

Equilex BV is a chemicals, petrochemicals and refinery specialties marketing and distributing company based in the Netherlands. Our headquarters are located in Schiedam in the port of Rotterdam and we have commercial offices in Aix en Provence and Beauvais in France, Schiedam in the Netherlands and Dzerzinsk in Russia.

Equilex BV has 2 wholly owned subsidiaries. Equilex Chemicals BV, handles refinery chemicals, intermediates and a range of specialty solvents and performance chemicals.

Equilex Oil and Wax BV, handles the distribution and trading of base oils, waxes and base feedstocks in the international market.

Goals in the servicing of our clients needs

Our goals are to:

  1. Identify clients needs in products sourcing or marketing
  2. Provide our clients with commercial, logistic and financial services related to products supply
  3. Act with ethical standards and integrity
  4. Prioritize on safety, health and environment regulations
  5. Work in a team-building relationship, to provide information on markets, to guide our clients in their product purchases or sales so that we can build a long term win-win relationship

We strive to offer our partners:

  • the knowledge and market vision of a chemicals producer
  • the reliability and proximity networking of a local distributor
  • the flexibility of a trading company

Our knowledge and connections in the producing and parallel usage markets enable us to offer you the best compromise between price and availability of products.

Values for efficient partnership

We are Responsible

We carefully follow safety, health and environment rules.
Currently emphasizing on the setting up of REACH regulation and will closely comply rules related to EH&S standards.

We are Reliable

We’ve been working for years with most of the producers and we like to establish long-term relationships with our customers. Trust is a key value in our partnerships.

We are Knowledgeable

We have an extensive knowledge of our markets and our products. Our team also has the know-how of large company organization and methodology. Our expert knowledge of producers and markets secures the availability of your chemicals supply, especially in short markets.

We are Flexible

As we know both ends of the market very well, global world market and local needs, we adapt perfectly to your requirements.


Equilex BV is a 100% subsidiary of AJV International, a private company based in Aix en Provence, France and involved in the fields of chemicals & petrochemicals marketing.

AJV International started its activities in 1999 with the valorization of refinery streams in the chemicals intermediates sector, firstly as a commercial agency for the former USA  based Oil group ARCO.

In 2000 through the foundation of the distribution subsidiary EQUILEX BV, initially based in Alkmaar, Netherlands the company has been active as a trading and marketing firm in high olefins.

Since 2002 Equilex has signed commercial contracts and has developed long term relationships with prestigious petrochemicals and refinery companies and has diversified its sources from various regions of the world (Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, Venezuela). The company consequently enlarged its market reach outside Europe and has built business activities in Asian countries (Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Korea, and Japan) and some eastern European countries.

As from 2006, it was decided to extend the marketing programs with other chemicals capitalizing on the company business network. The management identified several fields matching the company business philosophy and where Equilex BV could involve its ressources technically and commercially in fields such as detergents, surfactants, lubricants, adhesives and coatings.

In 2007, in view of the upcoming REACH legislation in Europe, AJV International created a task force in order to support Equilex BV suppliers in complying with this new and complex regulation. A dedicated team was assigned to implement the registration of the complete EQUILEX product portfolio and the company has been acting as European Only Representative for some partners interested in registering their products in Europe.

In 2011, the two operating companies Equilex Chemicals BV and Equilex Oil & Wax BV were created in order to segregate the activities of the chemicals and the base feedstocks sectors.

Equilex group transferred its headquarters in 2012 to Schiedam, Netherlands where the administration, logistic, finance and technical departments are operating.

Since then, the activities of the group have enlarged to include Alkylphenols, Alkylbenzenes, Ethanolamines, Linear alpha Olefins, Ethylene glycols, and many more performance chemicals and specialty products that you can find in our product range.